Studies in Literacies and Multimedia

SLAM is an assembly through NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) that convenes around issues related to digital literacies instruction in today's educational realm.

  • To disseminate and promote research and information related to the field of multimedia and literacies

  • To invite dialogue among all individuals interested in the field of multimedia and literacies

  • To promote advances in the field of multimedia and digital literacies not limited to uses of multimedia in classroom teaching; modes of research production with digital tools; and cultural shifts in relation to society uses of multimedia

This blog will feature each session of SLAM School, an online web series in which SLAM members will offer guidance and instruction for using specific digital tools and curricular ideas to support civic engagement, protest, and discussion of the crucial issues that are shaping classroom and broader culture.

SLAM members have exclusive access a bank of lesson ideas and resources around these topics.

SLAM will begin to offer multiliteracies challenges in which educators can work to integrate digital literacy practices with students for a variety of authentic social learning purposes.



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